@ Brasserie Lipp, Paris

Hello! I am Titö and welcome to online Gallery :) The Atelier of Titö focuses on creating soulful paintings inspired by the 19th & 20th century great masters. Notably the lifestyle and works of Kandinsky, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Da Stael, Chagall, Monet, Renoir, Toulouse Lautrec, Modigliani, Soutine, Klimt, Schiele and Dali fascinates me and that inspiration is in the heart of my creations. 

I was raised in three different countries from East to West. I had the hunger and bit of artistic aptitude from an early age but I ended up studying in communication and design. I consider myself fortunate to spend my Art & Design learning years in Toronto, one of the most multicultural city on the world. The passion for art and painting always remained in the heart of my creative thinking. Paradoxical as it may seem, the experience of working as a designer in multi-disciplinary areas helped me study Art from a designer’s point of view and discover a surprising connection between art, design and its audience potential after enduring some setback in my life. 

"I don’t think anyone of our generation will be able to make real big impact worldwide and be as important part of history as Picasso and other grand masters of modern Art. I like to follow their footsteps to discover the thought process they might have gone through when they created their masterpieces. I am always searching for something unique and I wish to create a body of work of my own, to be subtle and different. 

For me, a painting should be powerful enough to connect the artist’s story with the eyes of the beholder while hinting that the painter took time to think artistically and executed it craftily."

 Dalí Theatre and Museum

Dalí Theatre and Museum